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Hossein Nuri Theater

    Hossein Nuri Theater is the name of a black box theater in Mashhad constructed and named after Nuri in 2019. Mashhad is one of Iran’s theatrical poles and Nuri’s birth place.

The Seeker (1996)

The Seeker is the title of a play written by Nuri and staged by himself in 1996 and onwards. The Seeker is the story of a young man in search of mysticism and a true mystic. In his quest, he goes from one land to the other facing scams and frauds. His journey confronts him with comic situations making him conscious about his questions.

Intuition (1994)

Intuition is a play written by Nuri in 1983. He staged the piece in 1994 and the play was awarded at Fajr Theater Festival which is Iran’s most famous theatrical event.   Intuition has a realistic outward and an imaginary inward. As the borders of inside and outside and fact and fiction are dissolved, immaterial forces turn into their personified manifestations. In their complicated and mysterious conflict, each of the characters demonstrating the mindset of a lonely man attend an intuitive court […]

Borrowed Land (1992)

Borrowed Land is a play written and directed by Nuri in 1992. Borrowed Land is the tale of two guys who incidentally accompany each other in a journey. One of them has fallen in love with a girl and the other is obsessed by a wise sage.